How the world’s shark navigators beat shark tracking

Jul 28, 2021 Resources A new shark navigator can predict the location of the shark that just hit you by tracking its eye movement.

The shark navigational technology developed by the University of Technology Sydney’s Professor Paul Ritchie has been used by hundreds of sharks, including the world record holder, the blacktip shark, to avoid human vessels and in some cases even find their way to the bottom of the ocean.

Professor Ritchie said the technology was very powerful, and he was looking forward to seeing what other sharks will do with it.

“I think the real test will be how well the sharks learn and adapt to this,” Professor Ritchie told “It’s one thing to know the location, it’s quite another to learn the movements of a shark that’s in the water.”

Professor Richey said the sharks would often use their eyes as weapons and sometimes even attack people.

“I’m really happy to be able to help sharks that can’t swim,” he said.

“If you were to use a hammer on a shark and then put a piece of metal in front of the hammer, they’ll hit the piece of steel.”

When they see the piece, they have the ability to grab the metal and smash it against the steel.

“This is where the technology really shines and where the sharks really start to understand that their life is not so bad, because they can learn to be a lot more effective at using the tool than they could ever be before.”

Professor Paul Ritchie, who has developed a new technology that is able to track the eye movements of sharks using its unique system of cameras, says the technology is very powerful and he is looking forward on seeing what others will do.

The shark navigation technology developed and developed by Professor Paul G. Ritchie is a very powerful way of locating a shark in the oceanProfessor Ritchy is a shark navigater, and in the past has been in the hunt for sharks in the waters of Australia and the world.

He has tracked thousands of sharks and had them tracked by satellite.

During the Shark Quest program he used a shark camera and had a team of about 20 people use a GPS device and a handheld tracking device.

They were able to determine the exact location of a large white shark that was about 4.5 metres long.

When the team got close enough to the shark, they could see the shark moving its eye to its right, and then moving its right eye to the left.

It was this motion that enabled the team to locate the shark in a matter of seconds.

This was followed by a tracking manoeuvre, which took about 40 seconds to complete.

As well as this, he also used a tracking device and several cameras to track several different sharks.

His team then measured the eye movement of the sharks, which allowed them to track where the shark was in relation to the sharks.

Professor Rittle said this technology is extremely powerful.

“Sharks are highly intelligent animals and this is an area that we are very interested in,” he told newscomau.

There is an enormous amount of information out there about sharks, and they are extremely capable of tracking and following their prey.

“He said they also used the data from their tracking to develop a new system for the sharks to be successful in the shark hunt.

One of the key problems in tracking sharks is their eye movements, and Professor Ritchies team discovered that when the shark looked at a person and the person looked at the shark they had the ability of detecting the eye.

While this is extremely helpful, Professor Ritties team said there was a danger of these people being fooled.

We had to get the sharks right in front so they could get an idea of the size of the body and the position of the eye.”

Professor Rick Ritchee said they are looking forward as the technology develops and they can develop more accurate shark tracking systems.

In the future, Professor Rick Ritchie wants to see the technology used to locate large animals such as large whales and dolphins in the wild.

For the time being, he said he is just looking forward, with the hope that the technology can help sharks in trouble and hunt them.

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