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Conservative Party of Massachusetts candidate gets a boost from new ad

Posted March 10, 2019 12:03pm Updated March 10.

2019 11:52am Republican Gov.

Charlie Baker, a former GOP presidential candidate and Massachusetts’ first female governor, is the newest Republican candidate in a statewide race that could help define Massachusetts’ future for the next four years.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy is currently polling at 13 percent.

Republican state Sen. Joseph Markey, a two-term Democratic governor, leads Democrat Gov.

Kate Brown, with 26 percent.

Murphy, a Cambridge-area lawyer and former U.S. ambassador to Israel, has long been considered a favorite to become governor, but a recent poll found he would lose the election by a larger margin than Brown and Murphy.

Democratic U.N. ambassador Susan Rice, who is in her first term, and Republican U.K. Independence Party leader James Cleverly are the only candidates to have been elected governor.

Baker, who announced in March he would seek a second term, will need to win at least 51 percent of the vote in the November 2018 special election, the deadline for the ballot.

A runoff election is scheduled for June 2022.

Murphy, who previously served as the U.P.S.’s executive director, has been the top Republican in the state legislature for seven years.

His tenure as the Democratic governor saw a major overhaul of the Massachusetts pension system, which resulted in the biggest increase in public sector pensions in Massachusetts history.

He signed the largest-ever pension overhaul law in 2015.

Brown was a U.A.E. lawmaker for nearly 20 years, and she served as U.W.P.’s first female president from 1999 to 2002.

She was elected governor in 2018.

Brown is expected to win re-election in November.

In November, Baker endorsed Murphy for governor.

Murph is a former U,S.

Ambassador to Israel who served in the State Department during the Clinton administration.

He is a professor at Boston University’s School of International and Public Affairs and a co-founder of the Israel-United States Peace Initiative.

Cleverly, who was first elected to the Massachusetts Legislature in 1990, is a retired state lawmaker.

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