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How to create a navigation module that works in any browser

We have all heard about Angular, the world’s most popular and popular JS framework, but there are plenty of other JS frameworks out there.

Some of them are also more popular than Angular.

If you want to learn more about the different JavaScript frameworks and how they differ from one another, we’ve got you covered.

To start, let’s start by creating a simple navigation module.

Angular Router Navigate to this repo for an example: var router = angular.module(‘my-router’, [‘$scope’]) router.route(‘/’, function() { console.log(‘This route is the router’s ‘ + ‘path.’); }); You can now add routes like this to any route or component in your app.

$scope.route = router.map(function() { return { path: ‘/’, controller: ‘MyController’, templateUrl: ‘./templates/controller.html’ }; }); You’ll notice we’re adding the controller component to the $scope element.

This is called routing in Angular.

It allows us to define the route to the router in our HTML.

You can add routes to any element in your application, even outside of the app.

If the router path changes, you’ll notice that the route is updated.

For example, if the route ‘/’ is replaced with ‘/index’, the templateUrl is updated with ‘index.html’.

Angular Router Navigation in Angular This is pretty simple, but you might be wondering why we’re using the controller.

When you start to add routing to your HTML, you have to pass in a route.

We’ll use this controller for the navigation component to add the route.

var controller = angular $scope = $scope({ path: ‘index’, controller }) router.controller(‘MyController’); The controller is passed as the first argument to the controller constructor, which is also the first parameter of the $route constructor.

This controller constructor also accepts two arguments: route and controllerName.

route specifies the route path of the route element.

controllerName is the name of the controller to which the route will be applied.

If we look at the route for /index.js, we can see that it is named index.html .

This means the controller we pass in is called index.

The controller we have created is named MyController.controller.

You could add any controller you want, but this is the simplest way to use it.

Here is an example of routing your controller: $scope .route(‘index’, function () { console .log(‘Route ‘ + this.route + ‘ is the route that ‘ + $scope + ‘ will be added to.’); console.out.html(‘Route: ‘ + router.path + ‘, controller: MyController); }); Here is the template that will be used to render this controller:

My Controller

This is just a short snippet of the HTML that will look like this:

My controller

Route: “index”

</div If you'd like to learn a bit more about routing, you can learn more here.

For the purposes of this example, we’re just passing in the controller name.

This route is passed in as the second argument to $route .

In Angular, we also pass the controller as the last argument to Route , so this is also how the router handles routing.

Let’s add some logic to this route to add some navigation.

$route(‘/*’, function(request, response) { if (request.status === 404) { return $route(‘./index’); } return response.status + ‘;’ }); You will notice that we pass the request object to $scope as a parameter.

This tells the router how to handle the request.

The router is also responsible for creating the response object, which can be used for rendering HTML and JavaScript.

If our route does not return an object, we return an error object.

If your application has a controller or other functions that use the router, then you might need to pass a controller name as the controller parameter.

For this example we’re passing in a controllerName of MyController as the only parameter.

If this is not a valid controller name, the router will create an error and not return a route object.

$Route.bind(this, controllerName) The bind() method of $route can be called to add a new route.

When the controller is added, the bind() will be called, passing the controllerName parameter to the bind method.

If a controller is not defined, the $router.route.route method will be invoked, passing a controller as its first argument.

If no route is defined, $routers.map() will throw an error

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