What’s the big deal about ‘The Walking Dead’? Here’s everything you need to know

Jul 15, 2021 Design

The Walking Dead’s eighth season premiered last Sunday, and the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features an exclusive look at the second season of the zombie-infested zombie saga.

The magazine’s cover features the silhouette of a woman with a large, bloodied, blood-stained scar across her cheek and a single, black eye. 

In the teaser, a large poster of the character Daryl Dixon hangs on the wall of a trailer.

The poster, however, is not the first time we’ve seen the character. 

We first saw Daryl in Season 6, when he was in a trailer for the fifth season, and then again in Season 7 when he and a group of other survivors made their way to the Sanctuary.

The trailer was followed by a scene in which Daryl’s team battled to save a woman, Andrea, who was also suffering from a blood clot in her neck. 

At the end of the trailer, the team, who are still in shock from the ordeal, have to face off against the zombie hordes that have overrun the Sanctuary, and Daryl finally makes it out alive. 

The teaser also features an image of the actress Melissa McBride, who plays the character, standing next to a man in a wheelchair. 

Here’s a closer look at what’s to come in Season 8: Daryl Dixon, a former member of the military, is now a vigilante who kills for a living. 

After getting killed by the walkers in the season premiere, Daryl has become a vigilante for a cause that he believes in.

Daryl is an armed vigilante who fights for the rights of those he sees as victims of human cruelty. 

A young girl named Sarah has come to the attention of the group.

Daryl and his men have been following her for some time and she’s one of the few survivors left on the Sanctuary when the walker pandemic broke out.

She is one of many people who have been taken hostage and is believed to be in dire need of help. 

This is the story of the life and death struggle of two teenage girls who both find themselves in dire straits. 

It is also the story that takes place during a time when a man named Rick Grimes has returned to his old stomping grounds, where he and his gang of outlaws once again operate a “sick-out” camp for the undead. 

These two young women are both orphans who have lost their parents in the outbreak and now need help.

Daryl Dixon is a veteran of the war, but he has a grudge against Rick and his group of outlaw associates for the death of his mother, Judith.

He wants revenge and will do whatever it takes to prove it. 

Sarah is a former high school student who has a knack for disguising herself.

She has a habit of taking her clothes off and pretending to be someone else to hide her true identity. 

She is not as skilled in her disguise as she appears to be, however.

She hides her true identities and has been seen to steal from people in order to feed her appetite for violence. 

Andrea is the daughter of a former drug lord, who is now trying to rebuild her life after being thrown into prison for killing a drug dealer.

Andrea is a strong-willed woman who is determined to save her family from the horrors of the Sanctuary and protect the people who she believes have betrayed them. 

Both of these women have a bond that runs deep.

Andrea’s bond with her father runs deep and will be the foundation for the pair’s relationship. 

Rick Grimes has always been the leader of the outlaws, and it’s his desire to prove himself that makes him the most dangerous man in the world.

However, despite the violence and the chaos that the outbreak has caused, Rick is always willing to put his life on the line to help people. 

“The Walking and The Dead” returns on AMC on February 23.

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