Which states have the highest rates of voter fraud?

Sep 22, 2021 Blog

A new report shows that the most populous states have among the highest voter fraud rates.

The report from researchers at Princeton University and Columbia University finds that there are nearly one million voters registered to vote who were not eligible to vote in the 2016 election.

The findings come as President Donald Trump has sought to cast doubt on the integrity of the election, and Democrats and Republicans alike have been trying to undermine the legitimacy of the vote. 

The study, released Monday, also finds that the states with the highest rate of voter impersonation are Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin. 

“Voter fraud, the threat of voter disenfranchisement, and the impact of voter suppression laws all threaten to undermine public confidence in the democratic process,” said Jennifer Coughlin, director of the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program, in a statement.

“We must ensure that the people we elect are the ones who will govern, not the political parties or the candidates they support.” 

The report, which uses data from the Census Bureau and other sources, found that, of the states that have experienced significant levels of voter intimidation, nearly one in five registered voters in all but one of the 50 states was not eligible for the ballot.

That figure is the highest of any state.

The study also found that there is widespread voter impersonator activity, and that voter fraud is a growing threat to democracy. 

For instance, a study in 2015 found that nearly 60% of people who voted in the presidential election did so without a valid ID. 

However, there is no evidence that voter impersonators or fraud is widespread in the U.S. This study finds that voter intimidation is a significant threat to the integrity and legitimacy of elections, and this threat has significant impacts on the political process.

This is an alarming situation, and it has to stop. 

What’s next for voter fraud: The study does not examine voter registration fraud, which is a problem that is often committed by non-citizens. 

According to the Brennan center, the study finds evidence of 2.2 million voters in the states who were either not registered to the voter rolls or who did not have the correct voter identification to vote.

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